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  • The Lockdown Messages, a global call for the youth who participated in the performances of The Gaza Monologues in 2010, to write letters about the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • We Are Here' A New Documentary by Sabrina Ditus. 

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  • The New Gaza Monologues in Hannover. Read More

  • The Monologues Writers perform "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Read More

“The Gaza Mono-Logues”

A global artistic solidarity call

Thirty-three young people from Gaza believed in 2010, that they have a voice other than the cries of fear and the moans of frustration. A voice that can rise higher than the drones of war and the planes that bombarded them day and night. A voice that says: “Enough!!! We deserve a world better than this, a world without fear, siege or occupation.”

ASHTAR changed the script, replaced the events, and converted the tragic epic to a theatre of action, a theatre built on interaction for the sake of change, arising from our belief that freeing the land begins by freeing the mind.

Since October 2010 to date, more than 2000 youth from around the Globe in more than 80 cities in 40 countries have presented the monologues that are translated and presented into 18 languages.

People from around the World became more aware and in solidarity with of our just cause. Despite that, Gaza is still under siege - since 2006, and the occupation is more brutal than ever; attacking civilians, destroying the land and hindering the life of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

"I dream of having ONE day of safety, I’m sure the world is too busy to remember our situation; six years had passed since we wrote our monologues and we are still under siege. Whenever we smell a solution in the air, it is destroyed before it reaches the ground; this breaks our hearts and destroys our morale and takes us to point zero over and over again. When can we live in peace like the rest of the World?"  Mahmud Abu Sha’ban - 2014

“The Gaza Mono-Logues” will continue to be the voice of the unheard until justice prevails.


Iman Aoun

Artistic Director, ASHTAR Theatre

The Gaza Monologues Lockdown

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