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In November 2010, 22 young actors from around the world meet in New York City tand perform The Gaza Mono-Logues on behalf of the authors, who were unable to attend because of the blockade still imposed on them.


The Staff:

  • The Performance was Directed by Iman Aoun and Shauna

  • Produced by ASHTAR Theatre – Palestine, in partnership
    with VOICETheatre, NYC

  • Assistant Director: LYDIA ZIEMKE (suite 42, Germany)

  • General Coordination: OLIVIA MAGNAN DE BORNIER


  • Poster and postcard design: TROY HAHN




The Gaza Mono-Logues was performed on Sunday, November 28, at The Club and on Monday November 29, in the Conference Hall 2 at the UN, 760 United Nations Plaza, NYC, in recognition of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.


One of the performers talk abour her experience performing at the UN, Tasmin (Sri Lanka) :“Don’t assume. Take the initiative”. This was one of the first things that Iman said to us on our first day of rehearsals, and it is a phrase that is repeated often, not only by her but also, now, by all of us as well. Taking the initiative means learning to be independent and as we do this we find that we are freely given the support of our fellow performers. It is amazing how we have all become fast friends in a matter of days and I for one have never felt more comfortable in a group of people than I do now. This is evidence that universal harmony is an achievable goal, and the firm unity between us strengthens the message we are trying to give with our presence here in NY. Common interests and a common goal. That’s all we need to coexist. It is peace… but it is also fun".


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